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Pregnancy, along with labor, is one of the most beautiful and challenging journeys you can embark on. As the vessel carrying forth new life into this world, it is often forgotten how much wisdom has the opportunity to be awakened within your body. This innate wisdom has the ability to move mountains for you and baby(ies), if you're able to tap into it.

The Stats

Here are the data on why working with a Doula is the right move

Women who worked with a doula experienced the following:

Women had a normal vaginal birth
(Sanjaya et al., 2021)
Reduction in rate of C-sections
(Kozhimannil et al., 2014)
The amount of time mothers spent breastfeeding compared to non-doula supported mothers
6 weeks
(Scott, Klaus, & Klaus, 1999)
Lower odds of postpartum depression/postpartum anxiety
(Falconi et al., 2022)
More women reported positive birth experiences than those who were not supported by doulas
(Campbell, Klaus, & Falk, 2007)
Satisfaction with a doula compared to maternity ward midwife or a trained companion
(Sighaldeh et al., 2023)

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