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My journey to doula work began with my own diverse childbirth experiences, leading me to a deep understanding of the birthing process and its challenges within the medical system. As a mother of two (bereaved of one), my first birth experience—filled with interventions contrary to my natural birth plan—felt disempowering and highlighted the system's focus on efficiency over individual care. This experience, coupled with my reflections on my own beliefs and inner wisdom, was transformative. It propelled me to embrace my second birth with trust in my body's capabilities, although the absence of a supportive doula underscored the need for continuous, empathetic support.

These personal insights fueled my passion to empower other women on their journey to motherhood, advocating for informed choice and trust in one’s body. Now, as a trained doula, I am dedicated to guiding women through their transformative experience of pregnancy and childbirth, ensuring they feel supported, informed, and empowered to embrace their strength and choices, embodying their inner badass goddess throughout their birth journey.

Together, we reclaim the sacredness of birth, one empowered woman at a time.

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Education & Certification

Training NameLinkCompletion Date
Uncovering Birth - Doula Training
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62-Hour ACSTH Coach Specific Training Program
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